Tabasco Interactive rebrands to Orbital Knight, due to a letter from ​the producer of Tabasco Sauce!

May 10, 2017, Warsaw, Poland – ​Tabasco Interactive, creators of the hits like Star Horizon and
Kickerinho series, are rebranding to Orbital Knight​.

“We got a letter from the legal representatives of McIlhenny Company ​- producer of Tabasco sauce
- wanting us to stop using their trademark” – says Karol Drzymała, Head of studio, Tabasco
Interactive/Orbital Knight. “It turned out they filed for the “Tabasco” trademark in the games
category in May 2012 and successfully registered it in January 2013. We registered our company
in July 2012” – he adds.

“We were considering to change the studio name for some time, but didn’t have the guts to make
it happen. It’s a really painful process. We could fight this, but we took it as a great opportunity to
refresh our brand” – summarizes Karol.

At this moment the studio finishes the rebranding process. Their newest production is to be
announced this month. The game will be published under the new company’s banner.
“Orbital Knight mixes the future with the past. This is how we make our games – blending the
essence of old school ones with the novelty of mobile gaming and its possibilities to play” -
explains Karol.

About Orbital Knight
Orbital Knight (previous Tabasco Interactive) is a mobile game development studio, located in
Warsaw, Poland. Creators of the hits: Star Horizon and Kickerinho series.
Future releases: TBA (June 2017), TBA (Q2 2018), TBA (Q3 2018).
The core team is now 13 cosmic knights and they’re still expanding into space and time, waiting
for those who are brave to come.

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